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Our mission is to assist our clients to achieve and sustain
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Lad Burgin, Ph.D. - President and CEO


"Daily behavior is the currency of leadership. At the core of every high performing organization there is a key leader and a management team whose daily behavior gives rise to an energetic and creative environment in which people strive to do their best work."

> Lad has worked as a business executive and a consultant to business executives and their teams for more than 25 years.

> His business experience includes President and CEO of Military Advantage; Executive Consultant at Informix Software; President and CEO of Gynecare, Inc.; President and CEO of Transamerica Human Resource Management Services, Inc.; Vice President Human Resources at Transamerica Corporation.

> He is recognized internationally for his work with executives and their teams. He has consulted with more than 300 companies in 25 different industries around the world.

> Lad's consulting focus is working with executives, management teams and boards of directors as a confidential advisor to help build and sustain high performance. He conducts workshops to develop leaders and directs projects to improve organizational effectiveness and performance.

> His expertise includes business strategy design and execution; key executive selection; CEO, executive team and board of director effectiveness; strategic organizational change and transformation; and executive leadership development and succession planning.

> Lad is a highly engaging speaker on leadership.

> He is the author of numerous articles on high performance organizations and leadership including: "The Transformation to High Performance", published by SRI International; "Orchestrating the Renewal: Creating a High Performance Board" published by Directors and Boards; "The Power of Executive Leadership", "Leading Units and Teams for High Performance" and "Making Mergers Work" published by HRMG, Inc.

> Lad is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he earned B.Sc., MBA and Ph.D. (Management and Organizational Behavior) degrees and played football for legendary coach Woody Hayes.

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