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Bob Archibald, Ph.D. - Senior Associate


> Bob has more than twenty-five years of experience in business as an executive and entrepreneur and the behavioral sciences as a consultant and advisor to business executives.

> Bob served as COO of Health Systems Design Corporation (HSDC Software)and CEO of Alta Analytics (software and consulting). Early in his career, he served on the faculty of the Department of Psychology and the Business School of The Ohio State University. For six years, Bob served as Director of Counseling and Consultation Services at Ohio State.

> At HSDC, Bob contributed to making the Company an industry leader in technology solutions for administering health care plans. He led HSDC with a new corporate strategy and direction and established infrastructure and processes for effective implementation which resulted in turning the Company from a substantial loss to strong profitability.

> Bob has served as a facilitator, advisor and coach to executives and management teams in large and small companies. He has helped both individuals and teams move through the chaos of transition to the next stage of effective performance.

> He enjoys helping companies transform themselves to higher stages of operational performance. He has been consistently effective at helping organizations move from practices that don't work to those that do. He helps companies, through their executive management teams, to become consistently high performing and adaptive in their market environment.

> Bob's professional focus includes:

- Facilitating and coaching executives and senior management teams through critical periods of development, transition and change

- Planning and implementing "next stage" development, including structures, practices and culture

- Developing high performance people and teams

- Identifying, developing and coaching leaders

- Designing and implementing organizational structures, management systems and processes

> Bob holds a Ph.D. from the University of Utah and is a licensed Psychologist.

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