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Our mission is to help our clients to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage by building high performance organizations.

Our leadership development programs utilize a workshop format. The workshop format is experiential. It utilizes exercises, discussion groups and consulting teams to create an active learning environment, bring the experience of the participants into the classroom and link the material to work situations.

Strategic Leadership
> Strategic Leadership is a three-day workshop designed to engage CEO's and their executive teams in thinking strategically about organizational effectiveness and performance in their business.

> The Workshop focuses on the power of strategic leadership to build a high performance organization to achieve and sustain competitive advantage in today's fast paced global economy.

> Strategic Leadership looks at the relationships in achieving sustained high performance of:

- customer experience
- business strategy
- executive leadership
- organization culture
- structure
- jobs and roles
- getting the right people in the right places
- leading change and transition
Aligning Strategy and Execution
> Aligning Strategy and Execution is a three-day workshop developed as a follow-up to the Strategic Leadership Program.

> It is designed to engage CEO's and their executive teams in understanding how to align business strategy and effective implementation.

> The Workshop focuses on the key leadership practices, organizational processes and measurement systems that are critical to the effective implementation and execution of business strategy.
Business Improvement
> Business Improvement is a three-day workshop designed for executive and management teams.

> The Workshop focuses on using the disciplines of Continuous Improvement and Business Process Improvement to enable high performance at the unit and organizational levels.
Leading for High Performance
> Leading for High Performance is a three-day workshop designed for executive and management teams.

> The workshop focuses on building high performance at the unit and team level.

> Leading for High Performance takes an integrated approach to:

- setting performance objectives
- creating a high performance work environment
- effective leadership behavior
- interpersonal and team dynamics
- the impact of stress on leadership and team performance.

Behaviorally Based Selection

> Behaviorally Based Selection is a two-day workshop designed for executives and managers.

> The Workshop is focused on getting the right people on board.

> Participants learn and apply behavioral job analysis, behavioral interviewing and job/person matching processes to enhance selection and assignment decisions.

Performance Management and Coaching

> Performance Management and Coaching is a two-day workshop for executives and managers.

> The Workshop focuses on using the Performance Management Cycle and the Coaching Process to build high performance and develop performance capability with direct reports.

Communicating for Results

> Communication for Results is a two-day workshop designed for people whose jobs require significant levels of interpersonal interaction and/or teamwork.

> The Workshop focuses on how interpersonal differences impact communications and teamwork.

> Participants learn to understand themselves and others and to utilize tools for effectively communicating across interpersonal differences.

Custom Programs

> Our workshop format provides the flexibility to customize programs to meet your specific needs.

> Our extensive program design and development expertise enables us to create new programs when you have unique requirements.

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